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Epmhysema is one of the conditions that respond especially well to H202 therapy. First, keep in mind that there are two methods of administering the peroxide-1) orally and 2) intravenously. While most conditions respond remarkably to oral ingestion, emphysema is one condition in which intravenous infusion can be a godsend. Emphysema involves destruction of the alveoli (the small air sacs in the lungs). Although chemical fumes and other irritants can cause the destruction, it is most often the result of smoking. (For tips to stop smoking, please click here.)

As the disease progresses, the patient finds it more and more difficult to breathe. A wheel chair and supplemental oxygen become necessary as the disease progresses. Lack of adequate oxygen reaching the tissues forces the heart to pump more forcefully. This leads to high blood pressure, enlargement of the heart itself and eventually heart failure. Conventional medicine offers little help for emphysema. There is no cure. The best that can be hoped for is symptomatic relief and the prevention of any serious complications that might result in death. H202 therapy can offer more. Using 1 ounce of 35% peroxide per 1 gallon of non-chlorinated water in a vaporizer improves nighttime breathing tremendously. But intravenous infusion holds the real key to relief. It has the ability to cleanse the inner lining of the lungs and restore the ability to breathe

EmphysemaWe continue to hear the same story from Dr. Farr and others who use intravenous infusion for emphysema and congestive lung problems. Within minutes oxygen from hydrogen peroxide begins to bubble up between the membrane lining the lungs sacs and the accumulated mucus. (Dr. Farr refers to this as the "Alka-Seltzer effect.") The patient begins to cough and expel the material that has accumulated in the lungs. The amount of bubbling, coughing, and cleansing can be regulated by simply turning the H202 on and off. As the peroxide clears the lung surface and destroys the bacterial infections, the patient regains the ability to breath more normally. We continue to receive reports from patients for whom the technique has improved breathing so much that a wheelchair and supplemental oxygen are no longer needed. If you would like to find a doctor in your area trained in the use of intravenous H202 infusion, contact the International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation (IBOM), P.O. Box 13205, Oklahoma City, OK 73113 at (405) 478-4266. They can provide names and addresses of doctors using the procedure in your area.

If emphysema were the only ailment successfully treated with H202 therapy, it would still rank as one of the top health discoveries of all time. Fortunately, H202 works wonders on a multitude of health problems. It does so by increasing tissue oxygen levels. A closer look at how we have decreased the availability of external and internal oxygen, will show you just how important this can be. If you were not too occupied with trying to hide dissection specimens in the other student's desks, you might Lung Cancerremember from elementary science courses that our atmosphere contains about 20% oxygen. That is under ideal circumstances. It has recently been reported that in many of our more polluted cities, there levels have dropped to around 10%! (I have already mentioned how less hydrogen peroxide-containing rain is reaching the earth's surface. With increased pollution it is reacting with airborne toxins before it even reaches the ground.) And everyone, by now, knows the oxygen-generating rain forests are being destroyed worldwide, which further reduces available oxygen. Internal oxygen availability is also under attack.

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Over ten years ago I was advised by a renowned / published allergy doctor that my birds and other pets were the reason for my frequent (nearly daily) asthma attacks. Tests indicated sensitivity to feather dust, cat / dog / horse hair and everything else for that matter. I stubbornly refused to give up my pets.

Now I have been asthma-free for 10 years (without the weekly recommended injections or any treatment for that matter!).


I took the following steps to get myself well:

1. I bought several indoor air filtration systems to remove the high concentrations of unhealthy substances in any enclosed environment (sick building syndrome). Allergies are often caused by toxic fumes eminating from new carpenting, cleaning products and other toxic substances present in our house. A good air filtration system is really important.

2. I have since then established the habit of supplementing my diet with vitamins and minerals, and prioritizing nutrition that support lung health - they greatly enhanced my immune system. Afterall, allergies are caused by an impaired immune system. The immune system cannot function properly without adequate nutrition.

3. Getting rid of carpeting, curtains (I use blinds nowadays) and other "dust collectors" also keeps dust mites and other "nasties" down. Although nowadays I am not so concerned about this, except that I do continue to wash my pillows regularly. They also have great "allergy" pillow covers available that protect pillows from being infested.

4.When doing housekeeping shores, cleaning up after your pets, dust, etc. - wear a surgical mask to protect you from unhealthy dust and pathogens.

5. Holistic treatment . Other than generally taking care of your health, enhancing your immune system exercise with nutrition and exercise, there are so many ways to improve your condition. Pure essential oils, for example.

I really urge people to not accept respitratory problems as a given. There are things that you can do to strengthen your immunesystem -- and that is what it is all about: a weak immunesystem. A strong immunesystem will not only stop asthma, but also will help fight off cancer and other diseases / infections.


I received this very kind e-mail from an AvianWeb visitor who also had her illness attributed to her birds:

" Thank you for answering the mystery of why, after having birds for years, my health spiraled down.  .  twice!  The doctor blames the birds.  I realized from reading your website that it was because I was working nights, not sleeping, and not eating right, and so, my immune system had broken down.   

Besides changing those things for the better, I am now walking in the sunshine for 45 minutes a day and drinking more water, which I believe is helping my lungs to heal.

Using  air purifiers in my home and wearing masks for dusty chores has been very helpful.  I use eco-bedding for the bird cages, which helps keep my environment cleaner also."

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GreenAndHealthy.Info strives to maintain accurate and up-to-date information; however, mistakes do happen. If you would like to correct or update any of the information, please send us an e-mail. THANK YOU!

Information contained on this website is provided as general reference only. For application to specific circumstances, professional advice should be sought.

GreenAndHealthy.Info strives to maintain accurate and up-to-date information; however, mistakes do happen. If you would like to correct or update any of the information, please send us an e-mail. THANK YOU!