New Hope Treatment Protocol for Sufferers

Morgellons Disease

Confirmed! The Nanomachines Invasion from chemtrails

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Morgellons Disease Protocol

Biting Mites

Biting Mites Treatment

"New Hope" Treatment Protocol for Sufferers

-Trisha Springstead
Esp Botanicals 406 East Liberty, Brooksville, FL 

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Environmental Spray


  • 2 Gallons Distilled Water
  • 1oz Peppermint Oil (100% Essential Oils ONLY)
  • 1oz Cedar wood Oil
  • 1oz Geranium Oil
  • 1oz Rosewood Oil
  • 1oz Tea Tree Oil (toxic to pets)
  • ½ cup Epson Salt
  • ½ cup Baking

Mix into a NEW spray bottle and spray EVERYTHING in your home and cars. Spray Pets also, with the exception of small animals/birds - discuss with vet.

Other Recommendations:

  • Laundry: Wash your clothes ONLY in Arm n Hammer Products and/or Borax* and/or Seventh Generation Organic Products (found in most larger Grocery Stores). (*Be VERY cautious when using Borax [sodium borate], which can also cause serious health problems, including death.)
  • Detoxify Your Body:
    • Bathe in 1 cup Epson Salts 3x week! (Discuss with a physician, particularly if heart disease is suspected or present)
    • Go to get on Hulda Clarks parasite cleanse of  Black Walnut Hull and Wormwood capsules and Clove capsules.
  • Detox Your Home: Get rid of all chemicals/bleach/toxic cleaners and sprays in your home!
  • Strengthen your Immune System:
    • Eat as much Organic Foods as possible or WASH all fruits and veggies with Organic Veggie Wash!
    • Read “PH Miracle” by Robert O. Young (featured to the right - click on book cover for more info) - diet outlined below
    • Go outside, get some fresh air. Sit in the sunshine!!!!!!!!
  • Natural Antibiotics: Go to  - it’s the antibiotic of the future!


Vegetables Fruits Spices/Seasonings Alcohol Dairy Grains
Alfalfa All Berries All Herbs Beer Cheese Amaranth
Asparagus Apple Chili Pepper Hard Liquor Cow Cheese Barley*
Barley Grass Apricot Cinnamon Spirits Goat Cheese Buckwheat
Beets Avocado Curry Wine Sheep Milk Butter Corn Oats (rolled)
Broccoli Banana* Ginger*     Flour
Brussel sprouts Cantaloupe Mustard Animal Protein Drugs & Chemicals Hemp Seed
Cabbage Cherries Sea Salt Beef Chemical Drugs Kamut
Carrot Currants Tamari Carp Herbicides Quinoi Rice (all)
Cauliflower Dates/Figs   Clams Medicinal Drugs Rice Cakes
Celery Grapefruit Sweeteners fish Pesticides Rye
Chard Grapes Stevia Lamb Psychedelic Drugs Spelt
Chlorella Honeydew Melon   Lobster   Wheat
Collards Greens Lemon Oriental Vegetables Mussels Fats & Oils Wheat Cakes
Cucumber Lime Daikon Oyster Avocado Oils  
Dandelions Nectarine Dandelion Root Pork Canola Oil Nuts & Butters
Duice Orange Kombu Rabbit Corn Oil Brazil Nuts
Edible flowers Peach Maltake Salmon Flax Oil Cashews
Eggplant Pear Nori Scallops Hemp Seed Oil Peanut Butter
Fermented  Veggies Pineapple Reishi Shrimp Lard Peanuts
Garlic Tangerine Shitake Tuna Olive Oil Pecans
Kale Tomato Umeboshi Turkey Safflower Oil Tahini Walnuts
Kohirabi Tropical Fruits Wakame Venison Sesame Oil  
Lettuce Watermelon     Sunflower Oil Paste (White)
Mushrooms   Other Beans & Legumes   Noodles
Mustard Greens Protein Alkaline Antioxidant Water Almond Milk Fruits Macaroni
Nightshade Veggies Almonds Apple Cider Vinegar Black Beans Cranberries Spaghetti
Onions Chestnuts Banchi Tea Chick Peas    
Parsnips* Chicken Breast Bee Pollen Green Peas   Other
Peas Cottage Cheese Dandelion Tea Kidney Beans   Distilled Vinegar
Peppers Eggs Fresh Fruit Juice Lentils   Potatoes
Pumpkin Flax Seeds Ginseng Tea Lima Beans   Wheat Germ
Rutabaga Nuts Green Juices Pinto Beans    
Sea Veggies Protein Powder Green Tea Red Beans    
Spirulina Pumpkin Seeds Herbal Tea Rice Milk    
Sprouts Squash Seeds Kombucha Soy Beans    
Squashes Sunflower Seeds Lacithin Granules Soy Milk    
Watercress Tempeh (fermented) Mineral Water White Beans    
Wheat Grass Tofu (fermented) Organic Milk      
Wild Greens Whey (unpasteurized)      
  Yogurt Probiotic Cultures      
    Veggie Juices      

*Psoralens in raw and cooked parsnip root by GW Ivie, DL Holt, and MC Ivey: Parsnip root contains three photoactive, mutagenic, and photocarcinogenic psoralens in a total concentration of about 40 parts per million. These chemicals are not destroyed by normal cooking procedures (boiling or microwave); thus humans are exposed to appreciable levels of psoralens through the consumption of parsnip and possibly other psoralen-containing foodstuffs. The toxicologic consequences to man of such exposure may be speculated on the basis of medicinal and laboratory studies, but epidemiologic data are not available.

*However, barley contains gluten and must be avoided if you are celiac or allergic to barley.

*Note: Ginger can decrease blood clotting and should not be taken by people with bleeding disorders.

Other Recommendations:

  • Water: With this diet you should be drinking a lot of oxyginated water (or sparkling).
  • Natural Antibiotic: Russell Altman and I have see incredible results with the use of Nutrasilver. It is not colloidal but clustered and kills 99.99% of Germs internally
  • PH Balance: The new theories are that disease cannot exist in an alkaline or perfectly ph'd environment. Disease thrives in an acidic environment. Please reference the new book "The PH Miracle". Our skin care is based on a perfect pH.
  • Our People with skin diseases have found that these herbals are working:
    • Black Walnut
    • Mitake, Miaike and Reishi Mushroom for Increased immunity used for centuaries by the Chinese
    • Ceyenne Pepper
    • Cloves
  • We have Scientists working with us on a way to Ph the body with a save IV and are looking at labs and the use of Organic IV vitamin C. this will be a while coming

Stay on all 3 steps of NEW HOPE. It draws out the toxins in the skin (the biggest organ in the human body!

“Decide today to make this life style change. Internals, externals and your environment. Improving your quality of life starts TODAY! “
-Trisha Springstead
Esp Botanicals 406 East Liberty, Brooksville, FL 

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GreenAndHealthy.Info strives to maintain accurate and up-to-date information; however, mistakes do happen. If you would like to correct or update any of the information, please send us an e-mail. THANK YOU!