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Many people have been fighting this condition for YEARS, using everything under the sun. Mites (and scabies, and head lice) seem to be vectors for Morgellons. I, along with many others, at first thought that was what we were fighting (exclusively).

The typical rx meds given for this made me much, MUCH sicker - albendazole, ivermectin, doxicycline doubled my lesions - then prednisone was added.  After that was when I went in the direction of all natural. 

I discovered ON MY OWN that oxygen was a critical key to recovery. ... [M]onths before I ever heard of Dr. Staninger - even before she incorporated it into her protocol. According to Dr. Staninger, some of the stuff  (plastics) that is created in our bodies/blood stream have the effect of smothering the cells so that gas exchange becomes very difficult. 

I strongly recommended true full spectrum light bulbs - as UV light is a part of that light spectrum (not with regular bulbs). Many people are going to Dr. Martin for UV light therapy and getting great results.

I started with biting about a year ago. I won't go into all of it, but by August I broke out in lesions. I knew it was MORE than mites. In Sept I saw the word "Morgellons" on Birdmites and researched it. That was when I discovered what I actually had. It was Sept 14th at 1:30 a.m. I healed all my lesions (over 200 by then that wouldn't heal) with a cream from Neoteric called Diabetic Advanced Healing Oygenated cream. It took 2-3 months of continual use. I used it twice a day, hours at a time.  The most horrible things came pouring out of my skin - things I thought were larva, orange things, tons of black specks (some very large and actually cut my skin coming out), seeds (3 of them had sprouted in my skin), a glass-like object came out of my shoulder, sand-like stuff, live insects.   I can't even remember all of the nightmarish things.  It wasn't just from the lesions, but all my skin.  By the time I contacted Dr. Staninger, all the lesions had healed.

I realized that the cream had hydrogen peroxide in it, and began to use peroxide in the environment.  I was running vaporizers with it 24/7, in every room of the house.  I was going through about 10-14 bottles a day.

I [became] a patient of Dr. Staninger's after shifting over to the Morgellons groups and finding her approach very compatible with my own observations. My recovery continued by incorporating her protocol, especially my physical health overall. My fingernails had been falling off, and now are stronger and smoother than they ever have been in my life.

Karen SternHer protocol has 3 parts - building up the health through supplements and good nutrition, colon cleanses, etc; detoxing through things like peach tea, milk thistle, etc; then breaking down this horrible material that is found in the bodies of Morgellons sufferers. The dry oxy capsules are part of that.

The fibers associated with this disease have been analyzed by MIT Woods Hold, Lamda Labs and others, and found to be various types of plastics - high density polyethylene in particular, which does not burn until it reaches 1700 degrees. Silicone heads on these fibers have also been found. My blood work showed a VERY high level silcone in my blood. What is my body doing making PLASTIC??? This is not theoretical - see the lab reports on her website.

I TRULY understand why people just can't wrap their minds around this; I couldn't until no other explanation was feasible. And trust me, the psychological impact of that acceptance nearly led me to suicide. Everything changes. The way I looked at the world, what I saw as dangerous, people and agencies I thought I could trust; I even begged God to reveal to me how such an affliction could be visited upon

Of course, I'm not that important, and there are many, many thousands of others afflicted with this all over the world. Many suicides are associated with it (see Karen Stern - suicide - please refer to photo).


  • The author of the above story prefers to remain anonymous. The good news is that she has been feeling quite well for some time.
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Remember - if you are suffering from either mites / parasitic infections or Morgellons - you are not alone.

I highly recommend the Birdmitesorg forum ... It's a wonderful support group and the information you gain is very helpful in controlling the symptoms members share the latest research on these topics.


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