Bird Mites or The Next Global Epidemics?: Information, Research, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Biting Mites or WHAT????

Humans and Animals Get Infected - Doctors have been unable to treat. Many Sufferers Are Finding Their Own Way Through
What Works and What Doesn't

An unidentified organism is infesting more and more homes across the country and is making the life of sufferers unbearable.

Bird MiteIndestructible mites or bacteria -- the next global epidemic? Decide for yourself ...

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"This Thing that is on our skin isn't something that can be just lived with. It hurts, the itching never stops, the sores take months and months to heal ... and to feel something moving on your skin, eyes, in your hair, ears, and nose and you can't get help ... " ... Further Comments

This particular creature bores into human tissue to take up residence in the body. This parasite infects everybody in a household: humans and pets. In one household, for example, two beloved pet dogs had to be euthanized after extensive veterinary care was unable to relieve their constant itching and discomfort. The owner describes that their pets were even scratching themselves when they were asleep.

Different theories exist: One is that a bird mite morphed to accept mammals, including humans, dogs, cats,  and wildlife. Others believe that there are several species of parasites that may be involved.

This organism is spreading fast. Although the highest rate of infections has been seen in California, Florida, Texas, and Illinois -- these parasites have now infected people and animals in 50 US states.

Unfortunately, the CDC is just beginning research on these parasites and physicians are totally inexperienced with their treatment. There are no diagnostic tests available.

  • The CDC has set up an e-mail address for people to ask questions, because of the volume of calls following the reports that aired on KENS 5 in May. That e-mail address is [email protected]


suffering squirrelResearch is needed to identify this parasite and find ways to control it.

  • If you are a sufferer, please contact Randy Wymore of Oklahoma State University. He is doing research for Morgellons sufferers.
  • "Doctors can't treat those diseases: '... most insurance plans will not pay for anything that is not an  already established disease  with an already established meds protocol.' The CDC must issue an "Investigative Medical Protocol Allowance, which the insurance companies will adhere to. This prevents regular doctors with normal fees from helping us because they are afraid that they will get in trouble. I have been told this firsthand by more than one doctor. " Randy - 

The following are the symptoms:

  • Itching skin and biting sensations result in bite marks and rashes.
  • Infestation can turn internal as well. These mites may enter nasal passages, lungs, intestines, ears, and eyes.
  • Black specks, granules, fibers, hair, lint balls, lint coming out of your skin, burning, stinging, biting, crawling, iridescent crystals, microscopic hairs, wormlike creatures, hair-like creatures (the size of an eyelash to several inches long, and colors ranging from transparent to shiny black), bloody and/salt-like granules and threads, emerging from your skin.
  • Intestinal discomfort begins or slight anal discomfort
  • Straight red lines (track marks) just under the skin are sometimes seen. A "crawling" sensation is repeatedly felt on the skin and scalp
  • Fatigue and lowered resistance to disease develop over time. Localized muscle pains occur. Sharp, painful tinges in tissue are felt.
  • Blood (reddish brown) spots can be seen which over time move from deep tissue areas to the surface of the skin.
  • One sufferer describes the organism as follows: "The "fed" ones are darker; "hungry" are translucent.  I saw a moving one the other day that I caught in my robot vacuum - took the dust bin outside in the bright sun  and looked with 2 pairs of reading glasses on and a magnifying glass." 

This is what the sufferers have to say:

  • "What in the hell is this? ... Why can't it be killed?"
  • "Several people ... have tented their house. Can you imagine talking to someone who has tented their house 8 times and they say they still have bugs biting them?"
  • "One thing that several people have noticed is that you see little things that look like sesame seeds sprinkled around the house. We don't know what these are. Then we see the black specks on our skin, white specks that roll off the skin"
  • We used 10% sevin all inside our house and on our little dogs. I hate to tell you this but I put the liquid sevin concentrate right out of the bottle all over my body for 1 full week. I poisoned myself. It did nothing for the "things"
  • A simple "black light" shows where these things are. You have to learn what regular dust looks like and what lint looks like under the black light. Once you see these "things" with the black light, up your nose, in your eyelashes, and all over your hair and skin you get really good at finding them inside the house. If it wasn't for the black light I think I would be blind by now. I don't have them in my eyelashes anymore because I get up every morning and clean them out and put baby oil on my eyelashes and around my eyes."
  • "... the most difficult aspect is the lack of awareness or knowledge by medical doctors, government agencies, and pest control operators."
  • "I just can't believe the CDC isn't doing more."
  • Thousands of people are now spraying their skin with Clorox. Many have used chemicals that even I haven't had the nerve to put on me. Mothers are spraying their children's heads with Raid!! Oh yes, we are very afraid for our health. They are using everything they can get their hands on.
  • We are all seeing doctors and no one has any answers. Nothing seems to kill it.
  • I don't know of any isolation that would protect us, except full-body suits
  • Everyone and I mean everyone, is so afraid. We are all beginning to feel like lepers.
  • I'm afraid to go outside. I use poisons not only around my house but in it and on my own body. 
  • Sufferers have pretty much isolated themselves except for bare necessities and hospitalizations. I have watched videos of teenagers crying because they have zero contact with friends and their lives are being destroyed.
  • When we first started out down this nightmarish road we all went to the "doctors"..... We put the creams that they prescribed on us. We might as well have rubbed water on these "Things".

  • We tore out all the carpet from our home in early spring. Replaced the carpet with all hard surface flooring. Nothing that is covered in fabric is left in our home. This has made a great deal of improvement in the number of the "things". (Please read articles on "toxic carpets" and healthier flooring choices)
  • Overcoming Parasites NaturallyThe people that have this are trying to fight back. This is so life-altering. We are afraid and we have to support each other at times when we collapse under the huge fear that this brings to every minute of our lives.


What Didn't Help:

  • Prescription Drugs: Doctors prescribed Diprolene, Aquaphilic, Domeborom, Methylprednisolone, Fluocinonide, Zyrtec, Triamcinolone Acetonide, Elimite, Lindane, and various antibiotics-- with absolutely no effect on the organism

  • Drug Store Medications: Rid or Nix for the control of lice

  • Laundering: Regular laundering with hot water and detergent apparently do nothing to kill the organism in clothing.

  • Moving: Many people moved to get away from this infestation; however, they simply took the organism with them. One woman in California moved 8 times in the last year; she sold her vehicle and kept moving on; and yet, she couldn't get rid of this parasite.


Two Members of a Household with Rushes & BitesWhat Causes Mite Infections & How You Can Protect Yourself:

  • The common thread is exposure to molds, chemicals, toxins in our food, and the environment in and outside of the home
  • Direct or Indirect Contact with Wildlife:
    • Abandoned bird's nests on the roof
    • Direct contact with wild bird nests
    • Cleaning out bird feeders (always wear rubber gloves when maintaining feeders; disinfect bird feeders using bleach. Wood feeders can't be disinfected and are susceptible to mite infestations. I would not use them at all. Shower after you handled bird feeders; or at least wash your hands and arms thoroughly. Wash your clothes in as hot water as possible, with Clorox added. Alternatively, pre-soaking in Clorox water and then washing would be an effective way of killing any mites.
    • Don't handle any wildlife. If you need to help injured wildlife, put on gloves, handle with care, shower afterward; wash the clothes you wore.
  • Mice-infested garages or storage sheds
    • Don't attract mice to your garage by storing your bird food there. Mice are not as likely to become a problem in your garage or storage area if there is nothing for them to eat. Take steps to eliminate rodents from your home, including garages.
  • Infested housing: Some people moved into an infested home
    • Termite tent your house, remove carpeting ... Follow the steps in this section to get rid of mites in your home and yourself.

  • Many have reported water damage inside the home, mold, and/or fungus growth.
  • Many others report after gardening, working with soil, or having compost delivered.
  • Karen points out that as the popularity of down NEW sofas, pillows, and comforters has risen, so have the online complaints about mite infestations. Bird mites might be coming into the home from the down items themselves, if some companies are not scrupulous about removing mites from the feathers and down they use in manufacturing. It has been suggested many times that down might give a "home" to mites. The only way to get rid of the mites may be to eliminate all down products from an infested home and then treat the homes. She feels that we might be able to avoid future mite infestations when considering purchasing a new pillow, sofa, comforter, and so on.
  • A significant number of people report seeing numerous flies in and around their home environment prior to onset.
  • Healthcare workers, nurses, and those who work in nursing homes also report a high incidence of this illness.
  • People who work in housing renovation, under houses, and plumbing also show increased susceptibility to this disease.

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