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Next Global Epidemic

-Trisha Springstead
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The next global epidemic is now upon us. Some have referred to it as Morgellon's . Morgellon's is an ad hoc term used to describe a condition where fibers emerge from different, slow - healing lesions of the body. The term was coined by a boy's mother in Pennsylvania who has vowed to find out the root and source of the problem.

What has this country done? What have we allowed to be put in our food sources, our environment, and our bodies? The answer is that we have allowed dangerous food, skin strippers, neurotoxins, and pesticides that are disrupting our ecosystem and our endocrine systems. Plastics are leaching endocrine disruptors in nano amounts and creating an estrogen disruptor that mimics our Estrogen Output 7 times greater than what we normally produce. This is causing multiple problems on multiple levels.

It is causing breast cancer and cancer in children.  Plastics on baby toys and mineral oils from petrochemical waste are killing our children right here in America.  See, and read the first page.

For 40 years the large chemical companies and drug companies have literally owned us. Dow has polluted us with poisons; Monsanto has bioengineered bugs to kill other bugs. Powerful pharmceutical companies control and own our government and this country on many levels. Toxins spill onto our rivers, oceans and soil and are creating an environmental wasteland from sea to shining sea.  All of this boils down to corporate greed and hunger. Most recently, drug companies are manipulating congress to own, buy up and issue legislation controlling on of our last bastions of hope, homeopathic medicine and vitamins.

The FDA celebrated its 100 year anniversary while they allow drug companies to test their own drugs and make huge dollars on drug companies. It is like the fox guarding the henhouse. As a result, we now are looking at the next epidemic, Morgellons. It is a strange phenomenon, caused by exposure to toxins, pyrethines, and a deadly chemical overload on our bodies. This causes such a body burden, that the normal person's endocrine system cannot overcome it. In other words, the overuse of antibiotics and skin stripping chemicals has rendered the human body with none of its own natural defenses to ward off body bugs, strange fibers, etc.

Everyone wants the magic bullet, a pill, to solve this very complex problem. Why can't they just give us a drug? Nanotechnology has rendered us incapable of knowing what to put in our bodies. Antibiotics and steroids are making these people better for a short time, but the disease snaps back and symptoms become worse. Doctors are refusing to see patients, and when they do see them, they are misdiagnosed or considered delusional.

The Common Thread is Exposure to molds, chemicals, toxins in our food, the environment in and outside of the home. Then the body's defense mechanisms, weakened by a poisonous environment, leave the patient unable to fight off the organisms. The symptoms begin with a pimple that won't go away, a dash, or a "v" shaped dark spot. Afterwards, a rash erupts and some patients see fibers and even bugs. Some have horrible ulcerations that look like Impetigo. Some are diagnosed with Scabies, only to be given more poison which will not help. Some of my patients have also been diagnosed with shingles.

In October 2006, I held an observation of persons with signs of biting, itching, and crawling at my husband's office.  He is an Orthopedic Surgeon practicing in Brooksville, Florida. The total number of patients involved in the observation was 10 people. These precious people traveled from all over the country. 2 doctors and 3 nurses and an Entomologist witnessed the observation and watched as we applied a special soap comprised of all natural special selected ingredients. The total waiting period after the soap after the application was 5 minutes.

From people's skin, I extracted mites, flies, worms, fibers etc from these people. Out of 10 of the observation volunteers, only 1 was delusional. (See the Pre-Sent Photos taken at 100X).

Since that time I have seen elderly women with bugs coming out of their bodies Their  homes  had been sprayed, or trees sprayed  with common commercial insecticides resulting  in the systems being immunocomprimised and ultimately resulting in Morgellons.  I have observed that children have been born with these same symptoms.  These People are being put on anti-psychotics for delusions of  parasitosis or DOP.  This is what our big drug companies have done for us.  

I get emails now from more than 100 persons with this illness. I have been on WSVN with news anchor Patrick Fraser where I predicted the next epidemic. This phenomenon is also related to Lyme disease, a vector borne disease.  Many people Morgellon's disease are testing positive for Lyme disease, if they can find a doctor who will test them. Many people are not on the Internet and are struggling to find a name for this. In my small community I know of 14 persons with disease, and one doctor who has an open mind who can help them with diet and nutrition and decent skin care regiment.

I have numerous persons who were hazardous materials waste truck drivers  in Aberdeen Maryland who have contracted this disease. The same environmental clue was present, toxic exposure. These guys are not drug addicts, and derelicts, but to the contrary, they are regular nice guys who were doing their job. They knew something was wrong when they saw someone's expensive HASMAT full-body gear in a dumping ground.  It was the same refuse they were preparing to transport. as a result, they were infested with bugs and most likely "Collembola" and or "Black Fly'.

Another interesting pattern has emerged since the most recent hurricane in New Orleans.  The incidence of infestations have gone up. What toxins were in the ground and water? Toxins, mold, and lowered immunity from the stress of this storm caused the incidence of this disease to increase in Florida and throughout the south.

In 1942 George Merck, invented a Mycobacterium that would not kill people but would cause illnesses which the huge pharmaceutical company, Merck could create the drugs to help them. I think this mycobacterium has now backfired on our country and is out of control. Please refer to and read about the conspiracy on this disease.
Note the timeline of biological terrorism that has been allowed to perpetuate globally.

Yes, the next epidemic has hit, and it is bugs and Morgellons. Many thanks to all the big corporations who have contributed to this, Thanks for all the poisons you have put into us and our environment. Thanks for all the radiation, plastics, chemicals and  toxic waste dumping.. Thanks for the fibers you have all created, The bugs are now outpacing the drugs and big corporate giants and chemical companies have reaped the profit at our expense.

I will scream until I gasp my last breath for these people you have poisoned. The next Epidemic has hit and it is worse than we know.

Trisha Springstead RN
RN, Patented Inventor, Scientist 


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