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Protein and Weight Loss

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Protein and Weight Loss
 by: Dr John Anne

Now it has become a trend that we all are trying to switch to a low-carb diet. It occurs mainly due to the fact that a high-protein diet actually enhances weight loss.

  • A recent British study confirmed that there is a strong correlation between a diet high in protein and weight loss. The study also said that a diet high in protein triggers releasing hormone that influences weight loss.

Protein consumption in the diet ensures the release of the PYY hormone that reduces hunger. Researchers argued that high protein foods start out PYY secretion better than other foods. Scientific studies also suggest that PYY should be an integral part of a weight reduction plan. Theoretically, because a proportionate relation exists between protein and weight loss, therefore an obese individual must eat more calories to trigger PYY compared to a normal-weight individual.

Typically, we avoid high-calorie food to maintain a healthy balance in life. But the truth is if we do not get enough protein in our diet, we may suffer from varieties of health complications. Lack of protein in our regular diet may cause harm to all the organs - from the heart to the kidneys. It also causes a weaker immune system; hence our health may be affected by a variety of diseases.

The amount of protein in the diet depends essentially on three factors - sex, age, and weight. However, for a normal adult man and a normal adult woman the daily protein intake would be 56 grams per day and 46 grams per day respectively.

About Weight Loss

Common Foods that Make You FatIn recent years, there are few high-protein diet programs available in the market claiming weight loss. However, support received from diet gurus and health practitioners is generally inclined toward the low-calorie diet rather than the high-protein ones.

However, the relationship between protein and weight loss is not appreciated by each and every research fellow. It is said that low-carb diets are mainly linked up with reduced calorie intake and increased diet timing but not with decreased carbohydrate content.

The essential feature of a low-carb high-protein diet is rapid weight loss. But it is viewed from a different perspective by the skeptics. They rejected the theory about the relationship between a diet high in protein and weight loss and argued that it occurs mainly due to the fact of excessive urination. When the body makes up the inadequate supply of dietary carbohydrates, it uses the body's own carbohydrates stored in the  liver and kidney. During this process, the water is mobilized. The mobilized water is then discharged from the body in the form of urine. Hence rapid weight loss occurs at the initial stages high-protein diet.

Substituting a few dietary carbohydrates with a high-protein diet may lead to significant short-term weight loss benefits. But the condition says that the diet must be a low-fat one as well. Protein and weight loss may become a trendy topic these days because of its known results contributing to rapid weight loss. But some scientific research has shown some long-term disadvantages as well.

  • Therefore, a slow but certain weight loss can be ensured with healthy high fiber, moderate protein, and low fat  plan. This is not a short-term plan but a way of healthy living that we can maintain throughout our lives.

Food Allergies for FamiliesDisadvantages of too much protein

Although the relationship between a diet rich in protein and weight loss has become an up-to-the-minute topic in today's health discussion, we should remember that high protein may imply high fat  as well. So there is always a high risk for increasing LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol  levels with high protein intake. Hence, there is a high possibility of cardiac problems. High protein may imply low fiber as well. A low-fiber diet is not at all healthy. If we use it on a regular basis, there is an increased possibility of getting constipated, increased risk of cancerobesity, cardiac problem and type-2 diabetes.

About The Author

Dr. John Anne is an herbal specialist with years of experience and extensive research on herbs and alternative health. Visit Benefits of Proteins at - Information on Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids. Also, visit Leucine Benefits and Deficiency

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