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Olive Oil:

Extra-virgin Olive oil lowers harmful cholesterol levels while raising the good.



May help lower blood pressure, reduce bad LDL cholesterol, and increase good HDL. Ideal for stir-fries or Asian-flavored dressings and marinades.



New research suggests that virgin coconut oil may actually reduce harmful LDL cholesterol levels, despite its high saturated fat content. Excellent substitute for butter in most baked-good recipes. I also use it instead of oil when frying. My biggest benefit, however, is in using it instead of commercially available body creams (which often use chemicals, stabilizers, preservatives, artificial colors / flavors / perfums). I am amazed at how much it improved my skin tone. It gives my skin a healthy sheen. I can't say enough good about it. My sister started using it and called to tell me that she was "accused" of having had a facelift. Nowadays, I add a few drops of Essential oils (Patchouli, Rosmary, etc.) and it gives me the most luxurious body treatment available (and yet at a fraction of the cost of 'unhealthy' commercial body creams). 

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