Teflon / PTFE (non-stock-coating) Toxicity: The Danger In Your Kitchen

Teflon Poisoning: The Danger In Your Kitchen

The Risk of Teflon Products to Your Health

Tests undertaken by the Environmental Working Group determined that pans on the stove have the potential to produce toxins within only minutes of heating that can cause "flu-like polymer fever in humans."

Self-cleaning ovens are lined with PTFE (Teflon) and reach 900 degrees Fahrenheit during the self-cleaning cycle and emit gasses into the air that can cause respiratory issues in humans and are known to kill pet birds in minutes.

Slow cookers with a metal interior frequently also have non-stick (Teflon) coating. Healthier choices would be pets made of ceramic, stainless steel, or other safe metal.

Safer Alternatives:

  • Scanpans are expensive, but are wonderful pans. They are free of PFOA - although to use small quantities of PTFE based substance, which are not dangerous (even to pet birds) unless a pan is totally melting due to being left on the range at 600 to 800 degrees without food to pass the heat. These pans are usually available in better kitchen stores, or can be procured over the Internet.
  • GreenPan cookware utilizes a 100% PTFE-free non-stick technology called Thermalon, which not only allows for flawless oil-free cooking, but is also completely free from the toxins that can be released by other non-stick cookware.
  • Other Safer Choices:
    • Ceramic type pans
    • Cuisinart GreenGourmet
    • Stainless Steel

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