The Road to a Healthy Mouth

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The Road to a Healthy Mouth


Dr. Weston Price was a respected and well-known dentist, nutritionist and author of numerous publications based on the ethnographic nutritional studies he performed across diverse cultures.

He outlined the principles of holistic dentistry below.


What you can do yourself ...

  • Eat nutrient-dense whole foods, properly grown and prepared (organic and unprocessed - ideally raw food). Nutrients are needed for healthy teeth and bones.
  • A clean mouth is a healthy mouthClick here for valuable information.


Dental Care ...

  • Tooth erosion, teeth wearing down / cavity formation. Click here for information on causes, prevention & reversal

  • Avoid root canals. If you have root canals and suspect that they are causing trouble, have them removed by a knowledgeable dentist.
    • Root canals are associated with numerous very serious conditions, including heart and kidney disease. Please click here for information.
    • Use a biological dentist who doesn't use toxic dental material and harmful procedures.
    • Please refer to this page to learn about the risks associated with conventional dentistry.
  • When it is necessary to extract teeth, do so in such a way as to avoid leaving the jaw bone with cavitations, which can be focal points of infection.

Tips for brushing & rinsing your mouth the RIGHT WAY - Save Money & Avoid Toxins in Commercial Products


Common Dental Health Problems


Saliva is the body’s most important protection against tooth decay.


Types of Tooth Pain


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