Non-toxic and Eco-friendly Flooring Options: General Information, Related Research,

Non-toxic and Eco-friendly Flooring Options


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Non-toxic, Eco-friendly Flooring Options:

Natural Fiber Carpet Options
Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is a renewable and non-toxic material that will not only be attractive, but easy to care for and keep clean.

Bambo grows so quickly that it can be harvested year after ear from the same plant -- making it one of the most renewable eco-flooring options on the market.

($6 to $8 per square foot -

Marmoleum Flooring

Marmoleum: Made from linseeed oil, natural rosins, wood flour, and cork.

This trademarked flooring is renewable and the ingredients are sustainabl harvested.

The result is a refined take on traditional linoleum.

( From $4 / square foot;

Metal Tiles

Recycled Metal Tiles: Made from recycled aluminum or brass, these tiles make for a safe, earth-friendly kitchen or bathrom alternative to vinyl tiles.

The look is modern and urban.

Available in polished, matte, or sandblasted. ($35 to $70 / square foot;

Cork Flooring

Cork: Cork products are durable and provide excellent insulation. A wide range of colors and styles are available.

Cork floors are ideal for areas where maximum comfort and high noise absorption is required. They can be applied to any levelled surface including kitchens. Float directly over existing floor (except carpet) or use a moisture barrier and float over concrete.

No glue or nails required.Can also be used over radiant floor heat systems.

($2.75-$6.00/sq. ft. -



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