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Lady Palms aka Broadleaf Lady Palm


Plants that Detoxify the Air


Lady PalmThe Lady Palm (Rhapis excelsa) originated from Southern China. This graceful plant, with richly patterned leaves, can be found in homes and gardens throughout the world, as they adapt to a wide range of climates, soils, and environments. This is a slow-growing, extremely versatile, undemanding and long-lived plant. In fact, these are amongst the easiest palms to grow.

  • It is also one of the best plants for improving indoor air quality.

This large palm has fans 6 - 12 inch wide that consist of between four and ten thick, shiny leaves. The "Lady Palm" can grow to more than 14' of height with clumps reaching enormous width, often having a diameter as wide as their height. The sturdy canes are covered with coarse, dark brown fiber.


Planting & Care:

  • Planting: 6" and 8" pots can be used as table top and accent plants, while 10" and up are recommended for free standing specimens.

  • Temperatures / Climate: Tolerates tropical and subtropical temperatures from 20 to 100 degrees F and can handle both humid and dry climates.

  • Propagation: By dividing the rootball or grown from seed.

  • Soil: prefers acid soils.

  • Fertilizing: The Lady Palms are slow growing and need little fertilizer.

  • Pests: This palm is highly resistant to attack by most plant insect, but can get spider mites and mealy bugs. Check regularly for scales and mites.

  • Watering: Average water needs. Water only when the top of the pot is dry to avoid root rot.. Water regularly, but make sure not to overwater. Assure good drainage. Mist it once a day. Moderately drought tolerant.

  • Sun Exposure: Light shade to full shade. Avoid direct sun in summer. Too much sun bleaches leaves to a less desirable lighter color and induces some yellow. Appropriate in shady spots or indoors.



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