Janet Craig Dracaena

Janet Craig Dracaena


Plants that Detoxify the Air


Janet CraigThe Dracaena Janet Craig, Dracaena deremensis aka 'Janet Craig', is one of the most popular Draceanas used indoors, likely due to its ability to grow in low light and tolerate considerable dryness. The slow-growing, dark green, glossy leaves of the Dracaena Janet Craig make it a beautiful, showy houseplant.

The Janet Craig is one of the best plants for removing TCE (trichloreoethylene) -- a solvent for fats, oils and waxes, a cleaning solvent used in dry cleaning operations and machinery maintenance as a degreaser.



This medium-sized Dracaena has narrow arching, dark green leaves on an unbranched stem. The leaves are approximately 2 feet in length and about 3 inches wide, and cascade downward gently from the stalk.


Planting / Care:

  • Usually planted with 3 to 5 stalks per pot.
  • Low water requirement - although allow soil to dry between waterings; plant can be acclimated to fairly low light levels as long as water is reduced with light; air layer to prolong usage.
  • This plant can be kept best in semi-shade and will tolerate dimly lit areas, but growth will be slow.
  • It's a hardy plant that can tolerate neglect.



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