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Biting Mites in the News

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Bird Mite"In the News"& Relevant Websites:

Human Infections:

  • - Video footage about an environmentally resistant and contagious human pathogen.
    • Even though the videos appear interesting to the layman; the narrator is not identified; the research facility, if there was one, is also not identified. The slides could have been made by looking at backyard soil or water under a microscope. There are lots of misspellings. This could have been a home-made video that at this point has little, if any, scientific credibility.

Animal Infections:

  • Six wolves succumb to mange in Wisconsin this winter.

  • Reported Sightings of Black-tailed Deer Hair Loss Locations 2000

  • Bears going bald, look like ' large rats' - A Florida Mystery

  • Possible relationship between the hormonal status of these animals and their resistance to this parasitic mite infection

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