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Possible Warning Signs of Alzheimers


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Food Items That Combat Alzheimer's Disease


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  • Exposure to Heavy metals, such as Aluminum, is associated with dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.



Tne Alzheimer's Association suggest 10 possible warning signs of Alzheimer's Disease:

Normal Aging Warning Sign
Forgetting names or appointments on occasion Forgetting recently learned information on a regular basis
Forgetting something you planned to say or do now and then Losing track of what you're doing in mid-activity, such as while cooking a meal
Having trouble finding the right word at times Forgetting simple words or substituting unusual ones for them
Forgetting where you are going once in a while Getting lost in your own neighborhood and not being able to find your way home
Making a questionable decision from time to time Showing impaired judgment, such as giving away money to strangers
Finding it difficult to balance a checkbook Having unusual difficulty with mental tasks, such as forgetting how to use numbers
Misplacing your wallet or keys Misplacing things in unusual places, such as putting your wallet in the refrigerator
Feeling sad or moody at times Having rapid mood swings for no obvious reason
Experiencing a gradual change in personality as you get older Experiencing a radical change in personality, such as becoming very fearful, suspicious or dependent
Feeling weary of work or other obligations now and then Becoming very passive and not wanting to do anything



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