African Daisies: Indoor plants that clean the air and are safe for pets

African Daisies


Plants that Detoxify the Air

African DaisiesAfrican Daisie are amongst the most popular of flowers, and they are perfect for beginning gardeners as they are easy to grow and hardy.


Planting & Care:

  • If you start from seed, they will bloom the second and each following year.
  • Soil: Daisies like rich, well drained soil and full sunshine, but they will readily tolerate poorer soils and partial shade.
  • Give them Space! You can also divide and separate them as a planting gets too dense and thick. If you do not do this, the plants will begin to crowd each other out, competing for nutrients and the blooms will be smaller.
  • Fertilization: A little general purpose fertilizer in the early growth stage will help the plants develop big and strong stalks and leaves. Just before blooming, provide a fertilizer high in phosphorous to help promote big, bright blooms.


Note: If you are sensitive to pollen, avoid chrysanthemum and daisy arrangements as they are ragweed relatives.



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