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Lung Function, Lung Disease, Respiratory Disease, Emphysema, Asthma


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This page mainly addresses nutritional support for those suffering from lung disease.

Please visit this website for other valuable resources on respiratory symptoms and treatment options.


The Lung as Toxin Remover:

The lungs' two most important roles in removing toxins entail the excretion of carbon dioxide in your breath as well as muscular movement that boosts the circulation of lymph and blood. This internal circulation transports toxins to where they can be effectively eliminated.

  • Turmeric - a potent antioxidant - is said to benefit our breathing capacity.
  • Milk Thistle: Laboratory tests showed distinct benefits of milkthistle derivatives in protecting the lung.

(Note: Please discuss with your holistic doctor)




Lung Cancer


Clean Air is the Key:



Lung-supportive Nutrition:

Curing Bronchitis & EmphesymaNutrition is very important. The following food items are said to help with the following health conditions. Please click on the links for supportive information.


Asthma: Bell Peppers ... Kiwifruits ... Mustard Greens ... Apples

  • Eat more: organically grown fruits and vegetables; cold water fish including cod, salmon, mackerel, herring and halibut; extra virgin olive oil; Flax seeds; rosemary, ginger and turmeric. *Note: Ginger can decrease blood clotting and should not be taken by people with bleeding disorders.
    • Click here for information on organic foods -- a listing of the most and the least contaminated food items, as well as handling tips.
    • Click here to find the best and the worst fish to eat - Supplements, such a good quality Cod Liver Oil, are also an option. There are some lemon-flavored version that are not unpleasant to eat (click on the link for more info).
  • Eliminate: milk and other dairy products which have been most commonly cited as increasing the severity of asthmatic symptoms



Emphysema: Cantaloupe ... Carrots ... Collard Greens ... Kale ... Mustard Greens ... Winter Squash ... Swiss Chard ... Turnip Greens ... Papaya ... Sweet Potatoes / Yams


Lung Health (also check out: Emphysema, Respiratory): Apples


Respiratory (also check out Emphysema, Lung Health): Sesame Seeds

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